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  • Scoppe: How senators voted on ethics

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on February 16, 2015

    Judiciary Chairman Larry Martin, center, and President Pro Tem Hugh Leatherman, right, are on opposite sides of the ethics debate that has divided the SC Senate.

    One of the frustrating things about the S.C. Senate is that it rarely takes votes that tell you where senators stand. Wednesday’s defeat of a plan to let an independent body review legislators’ compliance with the ethics law was an exception. Of course, as with all things Senate, it’s not entirely straightforward.


  • On second thought: Aiken paper retracts endorsement of Haley plan

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on February 2, 2015

    SC Gov Nikki Haley unveiled her plan to raise the gas tax in return for cutting the income tax by nearly three times as much during her State of the State address in January.

    If you follow SC Gov. Nikki Haley on Facebook, or if you’re on her email list, you know that The Aiken Standard endorsed her plan to raise the state gas tax by a little and lower the state income tax by a lot in the name of repairing the state’s crumbling roads and bridges.


  • Metts landing going down? It could happen next week

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on January 16, 2015

    Former Lexington County Sheriff James Metts leaves the Matthew J. Perry federal courthouse in Columbia on Dec. 30 after pleading guilty to a federal felony charge of conspiring to harbor illegal immigrants.

    The 2015 legislative session is just three days old, and already we’re halfway to removing disgraced former Lexington County Sheriff James Metts’ name from a boat landing on the Saluda River.


  • Don’t you dare fail to vote

    Posted by Warren Bolton on November 3, 2014


    IT’S ELECTION TIME, when every day citizens get to make a direct difference in how their government — whether federal, state or local — is run. Unfortunately, far too many check out and fail to vote.


  • Don Weaver’s bogus claim against Norman Jackson

    Posted by Warren Bolton on October 22, 2014

    DON WEAVER’S CLAIM that Richland County Council Chairman Norman Jackson “was ultimately responsible for fixing the 2012 Election Day fiasco” and “did nothing” might be pretty damaging. If it was true. It’s not.


  • Locking up the criminal vote?

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on September 22, 2014

    SC Rep Kris Crawford

    WHEN HOUSE Speaker Pro Tem Jay Lucas rolled out his latest ad hoc study committee last week, panel chairman Murrell Smith praised him for “proactively appointing this diverse Committee to make sure such a major undertaking is done right,” noting that “building momentum is just as important as identifying and instituting the right reforms.”


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