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  • Want to ignite your Easter celebration? Try this

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on April 18, 2014

    Priests to light the fire before the Easter Vigil Mass at the Cathedral in Vilnius, Lithuania, Saturday, March 30, 2013.

    Saturday night is my favorite night of the year, and not just — or even mostly — because it means the end to Lenten discipline. Although that can’t happen too soon.


  • On a do-over, I’d skip the sex

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on April 17, 2014


    I didn’t get a lot done on Wednesday, what with taking all the phone calls and responding to emails from people who just loved, loved, loved my column about the five attempts by House Speaker Bobby Harrell’s friends to intimidate the attorney general or quash a Grand Jury investigation.


  • What makes a ‘constitutional officer’? Creation in constitution

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on April 16, 2014

    Back when he was supporting it, Rep. James Smith told me that legislation he and 80-some other House members sponsored to let House Speaker Bobby Harrell and Senate President Pro Tem John Courson appoint a special prosecutor to displace the attorney general in ethics investigations of “constitutional officers” applied to legislators. (My column today explains this in greater detail.)


  • Election-loving Breazeale does reject pay-to-play politics

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on April 10, 2014

    James Breazeale

    The most important thing to consider about James Breazeale’s attempt to unseat Adjutant General Bob Livingston in the June Republican primary is rank: Mr. Livingston is an honest-to-goodness general; he had that title before he ran for office four years ago. But as I explained in my column today, after 24 years in the military, Mr. Breazeale, a commercial airline pilot from Florence, is just a lieutenant colonel, and so the only way he can become a general is by being elected.


  • Does dumbing down the definition of ‘powerful’ make us feel better?

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on April 8, 2014

    Chief Justice Jean Toal administers the oath of office to incoming Gov.Nikki Haley in 2011.

    I promise I’m not going to make a regular practice of sharing my email, but I continue to be fascinated by the response to my contention in a blog post last week that Gov. Nikki Haley and Chief Justice Jean Toal are the only powerful women we’ve ever had in S.C. government.


  • The arm-twisting of Cameron Runyan

    Posted by Warren Bolton on April 7, 2014


    The next 24 hours will be known as “The Runyan Watch.”


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