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  • Your November ballot, simplified (at least the questions)

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on August 7, 2014

    Lexington County voters review the language of amendments while they wait in line to vote.

    On Tuesday, we ran an editorial calling on the state’s Constitutional Ballot Commission to write easy-to-understand explanations to add to the November ballots for the two constitutional amendments we’ll be voting on.


  • Spearman is no fan of Zais approach to Common Core

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on July 30, 2014

    SC Education Superintendent candidate Molly Spearman greets voters at Lexington Middle School last month.

    A reasonable person could ask how Education Superintendent Mick Zais’ plan to strip all vestiges of Common Core from our state’s curriculum standards could drive me to apologize for endorsing him four years ago but leave me with no second thoughts about my June endorsement of a candidate who supported what he was doing.


  • An alternative explanation for Ethics Commission gag?

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on July 24, 2014

    Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin

    Most of the speculation about why Gov. Nikki Haley’s new pick as Ethics Commission chairman decided to gag the agency’s outspoken attorney has a directive coming either directly or indirectly from the governor. You may recall that when the governor took a trip to North Carolina last year for what she called an official event, Cathy Hazelwood begged to differ, called it a political event and said the governor needed to repay the state for the cost. The disagreement didn’t end there, but you get the picture.


  • The last time we looked at the governor’s carelessness

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on July 21, 2014

    SC Gov Nikki Haley

    As we noted in today’s editorial about Gov. Nikki Haley’s misleading claims about eliminating government regulations, this isn’t the first time she has misstated or overstated or mislead. Below is my column from Sept. 28, 2011, about her claims concerning drug abuse among the unemployed, and other problems.


  • The woes of the lesser-known candidates

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on July 17, 2014

    Jill Bossi is challenging US Sen Tim Scott as one of the inaugural candidates from the new American Party of South Carolina.

    I got an email over the weekend from one-time Republican gubernatorial candidate and now co-father of a new third party Oscar Lovelace. He was forwarding a note from U.S. Senate candidate Jill Bossi, who was complaining about the fact that she and the other American Party of South Carolina candidates are being ignored by the media in general, and The State in particular.


  • Thomas Ravenel’s do-over

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on July 15, 2014

    The caption on this photo said Thomas Ravenel “talks to reporters after applying to run as an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate seat held by Lindsey Graham.” It looks to me more like he’s pretending to run on a treadmill, but with Mr. Ravenel, you just never know, do you?

    When then-Rep. Hunter Limbaugh gave up his House seat in 1997 to become then-Gov. David Beasley’s chief counsel, I used that as an occasion to write an article about the toll serving in the Legislature took on young professionals. And since any significant news article required a display photo, I arranged for a photographer to take a picture of Hunter packing up his legislative office.


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