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  • Don’t you dare fail to vote

    Posted by Warren Bolton on November 3, 2014


    IT’S ELECTION TIME, when every day citizens get to make a direct difference in how their government — whether federal, state or local — is run. Unfortunately, far too many check out and fail to vote.


  • Don Weaver’s bogus claim against Norman Jackson

    Posted by Warren Bolton on October 22, 2014

    DON WEAVER’S CLAIM that Richland County Council Chairman Norman Jackson “was ultimately responsible for fixing the 2012 Election Day fiasco” and “did nothing” might be pretty damaging. If it was true. It’s not.


  • Locking up the criminal vote?

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on September 22, 2014

    SC Rep Kris Crawford

    WHEN HOUSE Speaker Pro Tem Jay Lucas rolled out his latest ad hoc study committee last week, panel chairman Murrell Smith praised him for “proactively appointing this diverse Committee to make sure such a major undertaking is done right,” noting that “building momentum is just as important as identifying and instituting the right reforms.”


  • Richland County, SC lawmakers ignore their own institutional knowledge

    Posted by Warren Bolton on September 8, 2014

    Adell Adams’ “institutional knowledge” landed her another stint on Richland County’s elections board.

    The members of the Richland County legislative delegation who reappointed Adell Adams to the county elections commission, saying they value “institutional knowledge” must be struggling with recollection themselves.


  • In Lexington and Richland counties, focus on school board elections

    Posted by Warren Bolton on September 2, 2014


    Anyone who failed to vote in the June primaries practically missed out on all the county-level races in Lexington and Richland counties. Most of the county council and countywide races that were contested — and a good bit weren’t — were contended for during the primary. With no challenger from an opposing party on Nov. 4, the June winners will assume those offices.


  • The truth about cupcakes

    Posted by Cindi Ross Scoppe on August 22, 2014

    I like George Will. Don’t always agree with him, and find a couple of his positions maddening, but I think he’s very logical and very smart and presents his arguments very effectively and, here’s the really important thing, presents his arguments honestly.


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