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  • Locking up the criminal vote?

    WHEN HOUSE Speaker Pro Tem Jay Lucas rolled out his latest ad hoc study committee last week, panel chairman Murrell Smith praised him for “proactively appointing this diverse Committee to make sure such a major undertaking is done right,” noting...

  • Douthat: Grand illusion in Syria

    Across years of war and at an extraordinary cost, the United States built an army that was supposed to prevent jihadists from gaining a sanctuary in the heart of the Middle East. It had U.S.-trained leaders, U.S.-made weaponry and 250,000 men under...

  • Tuesday letters: Why was Winston allowed on sideline?

    It was very disturbing to see Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston standing on the sideline on Saturday night during the FSU/Clemson football game. His suspension for the game for the obscene comment he made about women on the FSU campus should...

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