What's good here? Frank's on Two Notch

September 30, 2009 

Marie Rich is the owner and cook at Frank's on Two Notch Road.

What's good here?

"We do a lot of meat and three with home-cooked vegetables. We do hamburger steaks, ribeye steaks. ..."

What's the most popular?

"Our meat and three. Our menu changes daily. On Thursdays we do a tomato pie that's a big seller. Friday is fried shrimp. That's really, really popular."

Is it more sit down or take out?

"Fifty percent sit down, 50 percent carry out."

What does it look like?

"It's an open diner. You can see what's being cooked right before your eyes. There's no hiding in the kitchen."

How long has Frank's been around?

"I've been in this location 18 years. I was across the street for 10 years before that in an open-air type place that sold mostly hamburgers. Once I moved, it became more meat and three. And we serve breakfast, too."

What's popular at breakfast?

"Our most popular is the onion sausage. It's an onion-flavored rope-type sausage. And our grits are wonderful."

Who eats there?

"Well, we have people from every walk of life - lawyers, doctors, nurses, construction workers, car people from the dealerships, professors and workers from Benedict. ... A big variety. Most people that have eaten with me, if they're back in the area, they come by. It's a real mom-and-pop place. I call us a hidden treasure."

Who does the cooking?

"I do. I'm a hands-on operator. My grandmother and my mother both worked in school cafeterias."

When are you most crowded?

"11:30 (a.m.) to 1:30 (p.m.)"

Anything else?

"We make all our cakes homemade."

- Megan Sexton


WHERE: 3110 Two Notch Road, near the intersection with Beltline Boulevard

HOURS: 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., weekdays

SERVING: Breakfast and lunch. Eat-in or take-out.

LUNCH FAVORITES: Meat and three sides

PHONE: (803) 786-0187

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