GoGamecocks.com moving to membership model

August 26, 2010 

  • I am a subscriber to The State newspaper. How will I go about receiving my free access to GoGamecocks.com?

    When the new site launches, you'll be asked to register to access the content. At that point, you will get instructions on how to verify you are a home delivery subscriber. You will need to provide your home address and other information. You’ll be asked for your "subscription verification number," which is the account number printed on your subscription statement and bill from The State. If you don’t have your statement handy, you’ll need to enter your e-mail address so we can send you a subscription verification number once we confirm your newspaper subscription.

In anticipation of college football season, we have rewritten the playbook for GoGamecocks.com.

In the coming days, we will begin charging a modest membership fee to access a new and improved GoGamecocks.com web site. Memberships will be available for $50 per year (less than 14 cents per day) or $10 per month.

Sign up for the annual membership and enjoy your first week for free so you can experience everything the site has to offer. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can opt out within that first week and your annual membership fee will be refunded. Those who subscribe at any frequency to The State’s printed newspaper will receive free access to the new GoGamecocks website.

Why the change?

Giving you a “best-in-class,” information-packed experience at GoGamecocks.com takes additional resources that require us to charge a modest membership fee.

Over the past four years, GoGamecocks.com has become the most popular sports site for University of South Carolina fans and the last word on USC sports. No other South Carolina media outlet has more experience or resources devoted to USC sports. We also know that Gamecocks fans are the most passionate in the country, and we know you’re eager for more.

We conducted research that provided a clear view on content enhancements you’d most like. We are making those improvements in response to your interest and enthusiasm. Since our research also showed you wanted the forums to remain free, they will.

GoGamecocks.com will provide more USC sports coverage than ever. That includes more reporting, photography and videos from The State’s award-winning journalists – the same professionals who brought you unmatched coverage of USC’s baseball national championship in Omaha and victory celebration in Columbia.

GoGamecocks.com is kicking off USC’s football season with:

* Expanded coverage of recruiting and top prospects, including interviews, profiles and performance reports on players who have committed or who are on USC coaches’ radar.

* Contests to win game-day tickets, parking and more.

* More breaking news and alerts delivered to the media device of your choice.

* More recruiting coverage from respected authority Phil Kornblut.

* More website features and an easier-to-use design.

* More updates and scouting reports on opponents and rivals in the SEC.

* Daily breakdowns of stats and numbers.

* A daily “look back” featuring historic moments in Gamecocks’ sports history.

* Stories and photos from The State’s archive.

* More photography, videos and interviews with the players from team practices.

The new college football season is fast approaching. Become a GoGamecocks.com member so you can get the most authoritative coverage and rule the roost.

Go Cocks!

-- Sincerely, Henry B. Haitz III

President and Publisher, The State Media Company