Air Force kicking off $14.4 million Shaw addition

February 25, 2011 

The U.S. Air Force will break ground at 2 p.m. Monday on a $14.4 million addition to the U.S. Air Forces Central and 9th Air Force headquarters facility at Shaw Air Force Base.

The two-story addition will add 49,880 square feet to the building. The project is expected to be completed by September 2012.

Several U.S. Air Forces Central and 9th Air Force headquarters-affiliated organizations currently are scattered among facilities around the base due to space limitations in the headquarters building. The addition will allow these organizations to be housed under one roof.

Members of U.S. Air Forces Central develop contingency plans and conduct air operations in a 20-nation area of responsibility covering Central and Southwest Asia, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 9th Air Force oversees seven fighter wings and two other units in the eastern United States. It also is responsible for the operational readiness of 14 Air National Guard units.

Jeff Wilkinson

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