235 airmen returning to Shaw

online@thestate.com May 3, 2012 

More than 200 airmen will be coming home from a four-month deployment.

235Members of the U.S. Air Force’s 55th Fighter Squadron and the Shooter Aircraft Maintenance Unit will be returning to Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter 8 a.m. Friday after four months in South Korea. The unit, which included pilots and maintenance and support staff for 8 F-16 fighter jets.

The 8 jets will also be returning to Shaw after a 9-hour flight. Each F-16 had to be refueled 8 times during the 4,500 nautical mile flight.

The 55th Fighter Squadron was deployed to South Korea to partner and train military there while deterring North Korean aggression, said Maj. Joseph Palen of the unit. The 55yh Fighter Squadron has been deployed twice to two continents in the past 8 months.

―R. Darren Price

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