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August 30, 2012 

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Haley speech gets thumbs up from national media

Some reactions to Gov. Nikki Haley’s speech Tuesday to the GOP convention: For a Republican presidential candidate hoping to woo women, minorities and conservatives, Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina offers a trifecta: She’s the state’s first female and first Indian-American governor, and she swept into office on a wave of tea-party support. ... Yet if Republicans were hoping her story would improve the party’s standing among immigrant voters, part of her message seemed to work at cross-purposes. She lambasted the federal government for suing South Carolina over a controversial law seeking to crack down on illegal immigration.

Reporter Chris Cillizza, The Washington Post: Of all the men and women touted as rising stars within the GOP who took the stage on Tuesday, the governor of South Carolina was the best. She was poised and relaxed and drew the crowd to their feet with her mentions of the Palmetto State’s voter ID law and the National Labor Relations Board fight.

Christina Wilkie, Huffington Post: (A) powerful speech that was widely praised. ... Haley is a rising star in the GOP firmament, and this speech strengthened her position.

Jay Nordlinger, National Review: I was kind of startled at what a Southern accent she has. ... At one point, she spoke an applause line, heard no applause, but waited for applause anyway. The audience, sensing this, obliged. Awkward. (But got) big, big “resonance” on the voter-ID issue. .... I can’t believe Haley said “6,000 non-union (Boeing) employees,” cheering, smiling. Kind of thrilling. Republicans are getting bold. ... “Bullying union bosses”! Bold, very bold.

David Horowitz, RedState blog: By far, the best of the governors (to speak Tuesday) was Nikki Haley. She actually connected the dots and showed how Obama is killing jobs. She was the only one to directly and unabashedly mention Obama’s lawsuit against state immigration bills and explicitly called for the GOP to support similar laws.

Graham: Back surgery kept DeMint from convention

U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, a Greenville Republican and Tea Party favorite, is not at this week’s Republican National Convention in Tampa because he recently had back surgery, said U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Seneca Republican.

DeMint did not get a speaking role at the convention, leading some to speculate that there had been a break between DeMint and the camp of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

That rumoring is garbage, Graham told S.C. convention delegates Wednesday morning. “If you were carrying Jim’s load your back would hurt too.”

DeMint endorsed Romney’s presidential run in 2008, but he has not endorsed a candidate this presidential cycle, saying his focus instead would be on electing conservatives to the Senate.

Growing up Romney? Saturday chores

Two of Mitt Romney’s sons, Ben and Craig Romney, stopped by the S.C. delegation’s breakfast Wednesday to share stories of growing up in the Romney household.

Ben Romney got the laughs, telling the delegates that his father would wake up his five sons early on Saturday mornings to do yard work. Craig Romney said all five and their wives are working on the campaign.

“Know that this is a good man,” Craig Romney said of his father. “He’s going to work hard to get this country moving again.”

Both sons said they were impressed with their mother’s Tuesday speech at the convention.

“I’m excited to hear what my dad has to say,” Ben Romney said, referring to his father’s acceptance speech tonight. “I hope he can live up to my mom.”

Loftis heads home from convention

State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, leader of the S.C. delegation to the GOP convention, unexpectedly left Tampa Wednesday, returning to Columbia.

“Treasurer Loftis fulfilled his primary duties as chairman of the S.C. delegation and elected to return to his official duties as state treasurer,” said Justin Evans, a Loftis spokesman. “ ... (S)everal large projects are maturing this month. The treasurer felt it was important to personally attend to these team efforts.”


What will the S.C. delegates be doing? The S.C. delegates’ schedule for today includes a breakfast address by N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, who delivered the convention’s keynote address Tuesday. Tonight, of course, GOP nominee Romney formally accepts the GOP presidential nomination.

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