Local voting results - Richland and Lexington counties

November 7, 2012 

x-indicates winner

Richland County

US House of Rep Dist 6D59577x- James Clyburn
US House of Rep Dist 6G2858Nammu Y. Muhammad
SC Senate 20R16617x- John Courson
SC Senate 20D10279Robert Rikard
SC House 75D6506Joe McCulloch
SC House 75R6771x-Kirkman Finlay
SC House 78D7307x- Beth Bernstein
SC House 78R5306Joan Brady
County Council 10D7912x-Kelvin E. Washington Sr.
County Council 10Petition1820Helen Ree Daniels Taylor
County Council 2D9497x-Joyce Dickerson
County Council 2R4482Michael Koska
County Council 7D11341x-Torrey Rush
County Council 7R2860Celestine W. Parker
County Council 8D8662x-Jim Manning
County Council 8R5087Michael Letts
County Council 9D6923Julie Ann Dixon
County Council 9R7105x-Val Hutchinson
Richland 1 School Board at large 33811x-Vince Ford
Richland 1 School Board at large 26206x-Barbara A. Scott
Richland 1 School Board Seat 2 8540x-Jamie Devine
Richland 1 School Board Seat 2 3383Racquel Dobbs
Richland 2 School Board 18352x-Susan Brill
Richland 2 School Board 17877x-Calvin “Chip” Jackson
Richland 2 School Board 16802x-Monica Elkins
Richland 5 School Board 9116x-Robert Gantt
Richland 5 School Board 5823Melissa Cole
Penny sales tax (98%) 74029Yes
Penny sales tax (98%) 64684No
Sales tax borrowing (98%) 69391Yes
Sales tax borrowing (98%) 62884No

Lexington County

SC Senate 20R6859x-John Courson
SC Senate 20D4616Robert Rikard
SC Senate 23Petition16662x-Katrina Shealy
SC Senate 23R14271Jake Knotts
SC Senate 26D12692x-Nikki Setzler
SC Senate 26R8638Deedee Vaughters
State House 39R4433x-Ralph Shealy Kennedy
State House 39Petition2719Phil Perry
State House 69R12182x-Rick Quinn
State House 69D4938Robert Bob Vanlue
Clerk of CourtR72383x-Beth Carrigg
Clerk of CourtD32004Joan Waggoner Guy
County Council 1R4057x-Jim Kinard
County Council 1Petition3227Megan Huto
County Council 3R5421Kent Collins
County Council 3Petition3580Darrell Hudson
County Council 3Petition2482Scott Adams
County Council 5R6469x-Bobby Gravedigger Keisler
County Council 5Petition3131Brian Duncan
School trustee 1Non18821x-Cindy Smith
School trustee 1Non16534x-Edwin Harmon
School trustee 1Non16173x-Brent M Powers
School trustee 1Non15397x-Jean N Haggard
School trustee 2Non11989x-Cindy Kessler
School trustee 2Non10560x-Beth Dickerson Branham
School trustee 2Non10391x-Bill Bingham
School trustee 2Non7370x-Glen Conwell
School Board District 3Non2112x-Stacey B Derrick
School Board District 3Non1939x-Craig A Caughman
School Board District 3Non1721x-Benjie Rikard
School Board District 3Non1492x-Leon Drafts
School trustee 4Non2486x-Chris Pound
School trustee 4Non2391x-Gregg Riley
School trustee 4Non2270x-Kathy S Mixson
School trustee 4Non2191x-Daniel Martin
School trustee 5Non12666x-Beth Burn Watson
School trustee 5Non10548x-Jondy Loveless
Cayce City Council District 1Non537x-Tara S Almond
Cayce City Council District 1Non485David L Diamond
Cayce City Council District 3Non731x-Eva Corley
Cayce City Council District 3Non544AG Dantzler

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