December 23, 2012 

Season’s greetings

Some 2012 holiday greeting cards, courtesy of’s DJ Gallo:

•  From Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari: “May the spirit of your holiday season not be one and done.”

•  From Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid: “Ho-ho-ho-horrible. Hoping you had a great year. I’ve got to do better.”

•  From the Atlanta Falcons: “(Regular) season’s greetings.”

From the NHL: “Silent night.”


•  At “Belle splits with Tebow, disappointed over lack of passes.”

•  At “Jets to try one of their other third-string quarterbacks.”

Gift giving

The MAACO Bowl Las Vegas has this year’s best swag among the 35 bowls, according to the L.A. Times’ rankings. Washington and Boise State players got to choose a combination of gifts — including a 24-inch flat-screen TV, iPod Touch, a Blu-ray player or Nintendo Wii — totaling up to $550 from a list of 43 items.

Alas, wrote Steve Carp of The Las Vegas Review- Journal, “No, the tattoo parlor in the Hard Rock Hotel wasn’t offering a gift card as an option.”

Quote marks

•  RJ Currie of, after Packers kicker Mason Crosby missed a field goal for the eighth game in a row: “There’s one Crosby that’ll be dreaming of a wide Christmas.”

•  Steve Harvey of The Bottom Ten, with this year’s NFL lowlight: “Jacksonville and Kansas City were declared Bottom Ten champions by Mayan replacement refs.”

•  Comedy writer Gary Bachman, on Hillary Clinton’s recent concussion: “Out of habit, Roger Goodell blamed the Saints.”

•  NBC’s Jay Leno, after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton passed out and suffered a minor concussion: “Apparently, she heard the Lakers won two games in a row.”

•  Blogger Vod Kanockers, on the Bronx Bombers’ aging roster: “Golf has the Senior Tour, and MLB has the Yankees.”

•  Headline at “Vikings to wait to donate Peterson to science until after Week 17.”

•  Brad Dickson of The Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, on the Mayan prediction that the world would end Friday: “Which means Ball State vs. UCF could be the last football game ever played. ... Naw, I’m still skipping it.”

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