Unemployed, single mother starts anew with help from Woodyard Fund

mlucas@thestate.comDecember 24, 2012 

— When Joshili Faustin first moved to Columbia from Atlanta 2½ years ago, everything seemed to be going well.

Faustin, a single mother of three, had moved to the Midlands for new opportunities. She had landed a good job as a dental assistant at a local practice and everything seemed to be on track.

But after the economy began to decline, Faustin noticed things were beginning to tighten. Then the worst happened. Faustin, who was already struggling to make ends meet, was laid off from her position in August.

While Faustin was trying to work out her unemployment benefits, she began to fall behind on her bills.

The more time went by, the more the bills stacked up. Unemployment only covers so much, she said.

“This has been a rough year.” Finally, Faustin decided to seek help through the Salvation Army.

With the help of the Woodyard Fund, Faustin was able to pay her power bill.

“The counselor was so nice and I was very thankful,” she said. “I thank God there are programs like that for people who really need it.”

Now, Faustin says, things are starting to turn around. After months of searching for jobs, Faustin heard back from another dental practice in town and is expecting to be working again in 2013. She’s also considering going back to school to increase her earning potential.

Faustin says she wants others to be inspired from her story and to know that even in tough times, people should not give up.

“Just keep going,” she said. “God will be there, and God will help you. Sometimes things get rough, but it will turn around.”

Woodyard Fund

How to give help: Donations can be mailed to the Woodyard Fund, c/o The State, P.O. Box 1333, Columbia SC 29202. Make checks payable to the Woodyard Fund. All donations are tax-deductible.

How to get help: Area residents who need assistance with heating bills can call for an appointment at (803) 462-5093.


For the week ending Dec. 21

Shirley W. Vaughan, $20

Jean Rinehardt Bridges, in memory of Margaret E. Rinehardt, $100

Women’s Cooperative Union, $100

Ruth R. Mobley, $50

In memory of my mom, Margie Brown, $50

In memory of Arthur M. Suggs, $50

William G. Loging, $50

R. William Jordan, $100

Anonymous, $200

Anonymous, $1,000

In memory of B. Marion Smith Jr. by his family, $100

Vance and Linda Bettis, $100

Sam B. Cartledge III, $50

Tyler Baldwin, $500

In honor of R.C. and Betty Thompson, $25

Thelma D. Dugosh, $50

Rodney E. Harmon, $25

Lee D. Mercer, $50

Anonymous, $1,000

Wanda W. Teague, $50

George D. Fulmer, $50

In memory of Command Chief Master Sgt. Doug Lovette, $100

Pamela G. Spurrier, $50

V. Todaro, $100

J. Edwin Davis, $200

Benjamin D. Harwell, $500

Henry Jefferson Parham, $125

Roy E. Wuthier, $1,000

Patricia M. Robinson, $100

William E. Mothershed, $200

Thelma M. Tillis, $25

Eleanor and Bill Pope, $100

Dr. William G. Taylor, $425

Anonymous, $50

In loving memory of our parents, Bob and Ruta Bly, $1,000

C. Richard Lindler, $50

John E. Peters, $250

In memory of Daisy Wessinger, $25

Garland P. McWhirter, $1,000

Charlie and Neet Cousins, in memory of (nine) dear friends, $50

Joann G. Major, $50

Barbara Little, $100

In memory of Barbara and Frank Walker, $150

In loving memory of daughter, Heather Alayne Nunn, $25

Nancy and David Martin, in loving memory of our parents, $100

Anonymous, $100

Anonymous, $100

In memory of Audrey Schumpert, $50

Nina and Francis Mack, $250

Barbara S. Dehamer, $50

In memory of Mary F. Ingram, $150

Preferred Reinsurance Intermediaries Inc., $100

The Wesley Fellowship Sunday School Class at Platt Springs UMC, $100

Elizabeth K. Timmerman, $100

In memory of Kelvin Shuler by Grover and Patsy Shuler, $100

In memory of William, Nancy, Neil and Billy Dorn, $300

J.C. Moorefield, $50

Tommy Willcox in memory of Becky Willcox, $300

Dr. Peter W. Becker, $100

Drs. C.E. and Sue Hardin, $100

Darryl K. Williams, $500

Ruth A. Valdario, $15

C.A. Able, $100

Harold and Betty Park, $100

The Ettenger family, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. D. Murray Price, $100

In memory of Bill Strickland, $50

Thelma M. Rawls, $50

Gary K. Evans, $200

Grace and Sam Allen, $100

Lydia Sunday School Class at Temple Baptist Church, $50

Joseph Audet, $100

Mary Audet, $100

In the name of Steve Hawley and family, $145


TOTAL TO DATE, $46,794

Reach Lucas at (803) 771-8657.

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