Mignon Clyburn confirmed to second term on FCC

January 3, 2013 

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn


South Carolina native Mignon Clyburn, 50, has been confirmed for a second term on the Federal Communications Commission.

Originally nominated by President Barack Obama in 2009 for a partial term, her confirmation by the U.S. Senate Wednesday gives her a full term which runs until 2017.

The daughter of third-ranking U.S. House Democrat James Clyburn, the younger Clyburn was described in an article last year in Politico as an independent vote for consumers who has refused to toe the party or family line.

Her only public service experience before nomination to the FCC was 11 years as a member of South Carolina’s Public Service Commission, following 14 years as publisher/manager of the Charleston weekly newspaper, Coastal Times. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s in banking, finance and economics.

In her interview with Politico last year, Clyburn said she still hasn’t mastered the game of Washington. Since her appointment to the FCC , she has served as a tie-breaker and mediator on the commission, Politico reported.

Looking ahead, Clyburn said she will work with Congress to ensure a federal communications policy “that keeps American consumers’ needs paramount.”


Mignon Cyburn talked about issues before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), including emergency communications when storms occur or during a potential attack.

--Rachael Myers Lowe

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