Video: Miss SC 2011 helps another former beauty queen lose weight

January 6, 2013 

Bree Boyce, who lost more than 100 pounds prior to winning the Miss South Carolina pageant in 2011, is helping another former Miss SC, Kristie Greene Lee, lose weight.

Boyce’s diet success story was featured in the ABC News show “20/20” Friday in a special weight-loss edition.

Boyce told reporter Chris Connelly that she might have gone too far, getting too skinny to be healthy. Now she tries to maintain a healthy weight.

She tearfully told Connelly that high school was a “dark time” for her -- a prom date never showed up, and she weighed more than 200 pounds. Yo-yo dieting didn’t help either.

Now Boyce is motivating others, including the 1994 Miss South Carolina. Lee helped host the 2011 and 2012 Miss South Carolina pageant. Last year, Lee cracked up the crowd by using Krispy Kremes as props, a humorous nod to her weight.

Watch the segment here:

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