Letter to the sports editor

January 13, 2013 

Notre Dame undeserving of title game berth

Being a neutral observer with no affiliation, it is obvious to me that the BCS as well as the polls are skewed and need a major tweeking. First and foremost, the rankings should be weighted as much or more for the caliber of competition the teams play and defeat rather than the number of wins and losses.

Notre Dame did not deserve to be in the championship game. This was proven by its embarrassing performance against Alabama. They got in solely because of their undefeated season. They had a weak schedule and they did not play any of the top 25 teams, other than the over-rated Southern California Trojans, who were defeated by Georgia Tech of the ACC.

All four of the SEC Teams in the top 10 played each other in three regular season games. LSU and Florida should have defeated their opponents soundly in their bowl games. However, they dropped considerably solely based on their number of losses. Notre Dame, on the other end, ended up in the top 5 solely based on their single loss. Oregon would have been a more deserving opponent for Alabama.

Eruch Tata


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