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February 9, 2013 

Lays New Flavors

This product photo provided by Lay's shows a bag of their Chicken & Waffles flavored potato chips. The new flavor, along with two others - Cheesy Garlic Bread and the Thai-inspired Sriracha - will be sold at retailers nationwide starting in mid-February 2013. After trying them, fans have until May to vote for their favorite. The flavor with the most votes in May will stay on store shelves. The other two will be discontinued. (AP Photo/Lay's)


SC Tool expanding, adding 30 jobs in Upstatee

SC Tool Inc., which specializes in the manufacturing and reconditioning of precision cutting tools, will invest $1.25 million to expand its operations in Greenville County, creating 30 new jobs, the S.C. Department of Commerce said Friday. The company has acquired the assets of a company in Traveler’s Rest and is expanding its production capacity to nearly 30,000 square feet in two facilities. Workers experienced with cutting tool work should contact the SC Works offices in Greenville or Spartanburg for information on jobs.

Nation & World

Boeing 787 deliveries face delays

Boeing is acknowledging that it may not be able to deliver its 787 as fast as hoped. The company said Friday that it has told customers expecting the next 787 deliveries that those planes have either been delayed, or at risk for a delay. The planes have been grounded since Jan. 16. Boeing and investigators are trying to figure out why one aircraft battery caught fire and another one smoldered and forced an emergency landing. Boeing is still building the long-range, fuel-efficient planes – some of them in North Charleston – and it said on Friday that it has no plans to slow down.

Credit-rating agencies under microscope

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is examining the nation’s biggest credit rating agencies’ compliance with agreements reached in 2008. The agreements imposed no financial penalties but required Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Inc. to publicly disclose due diligence and evaluation criteria. They also required partial upfront payments to prevent banks from simply buying the better ratings for those securities. With that market already collapsed, the agencies weren’t rating new mortgage-backed securities. The 42-month agreements expired in 2012.

Lay’s wants you to take your pick

The next Lay’s potato chip will taste like chicken and waffles. Or cheesy garlic bread. Or Sriracha, a hot sauce often used in Thai dishes. Lay’s is letting potato chip lovers decide which one of the three will be its newest flavor. All of them will be sold at retailers nationwide starting next week. After trying them, fans have until May to vote for their favorites. The flavor with the most votes will stay on store shelves. But if the other two flavors sell well, they may remain in stores, too, the company said. Fans can vote though Lay’s Facebook page, by texting “VOTE” to 24477 or through Twitter using the hashtags #SaveChickenWaffles, #SaveGarlicBread or #SaveSriracha.

The Associated Press contributed.

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