Sewage spills near I-26 and I-20

February 14, 2013 

— More than 5,000 gallons of sewage spilled from a manhole cover near I-26 and I-20 Thursday before the spill was stopped.

The spill was in the Alpine system operated by Palmetto Wastewater Reclamation. Sewage was noticed flowing from the manhole at 1760 Burning Tree Road at about 9 a.m., according to company spokesman Rick Melcher.

Overflow from a manhole in that area would wash into Stoops Creek, which flows for about another mile before it enters the Saluda River near I-20. State health officials were scheduled to test the water downstream to determine contamination levels in Stoops Creek.

Spill reporting requirements prompt notification when spills top 5,000 gallons. Melcher estimated the spill was less than 10,000 gallons.

Alpine workers had been in the area the day before and noticed no problem. The spill was stopped quickly and measures taken to disinfect the immediate surroundings, Melcher said.

The cause of the spill wasn’t evident. No grease or root blockage was found near the manhole, Melcher said.

Joey Holleman

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