March 2, 2013 

dog gone kick

With a best friend like this, who needs enemies?

A man in Sebring, Fla., was shot in the leg while driving when his dog kicked a loaded pistol lying on the seat of his pickup truck, Highlands Today reported.

No word on whether it was a hunting dog.

NFL headlines

• From Seattle Times reader Ray Wilson: “Pete Carroll declares all positions open to competition / Seahawks flooded with unemployed coaches’ applications.”

At “49ers trade Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick to the Chiefs just to torture Smith.”

Hot Lead Dept.

In other Florida gun news, a woman in St. Petersburg escaped with slight injuries when she tried to preheat an oven to cook some waffles — not knowing that a male friend had stashed a box of bullets in it.

On the bright side, it’s the first shooting range in the neighborhood.

Major penalty

A judge in Richmond, B.C., sentenced pee-wee hockey coach Martin Tremblay to 15 days in jail for sticking his leg out in the postgame handshake line and upending two opposing players — ages 10 and 13.

In other words, 21,600 minutes for tripping.

Bambi 1, Biker 0

Cyclist Jeff Plassman was 15 minutes into the 50-mile Monster Cross and Mountain Bike race in Virginia’s Pocahontas State Park when a fast-moving deer crossed his path and sent him sprawling.

Game wardens suspect the critter was simply hopped up on deer-antler spray.

Turn back the clock

Life-expectancy scientists at Germany’s Max Planck Institute have determined that — compared to 100 years ago — 72 is the new age 30.

Signs point to another Jamie Moyer comeback: He’s not even 21 yet!

Talking the talk

• Comedy writer Tim Hunter, after pizzas in Denmark were found to contain horse meat: “Police got suspicious when people started betting on Domino’s delivery guys.”

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