Alarm raised over rabid animal sightings in Irmo

March 6, 2013 

— Irmo’s police chief is warning Irmo residents to be on the lookout for possibly rabid animals.

Three incidents of rabid animals have been reported since October, Chief Brian Buck said.

In the first case, a rabid raccoon was on the grounds of the Irmo Municipal building, near the Archer’s Lane neighborhood. The second , in January, involved a fox near an auto parts store in the 7500 block of St. Andrews Road near the New Friarsgate neighborhood. And the third on Wednesday involved another fox in the Old Friarsgate neighborhood.

While no one has been bitten, Buck said these animals have been discovered near where children may be playing and people may be walking dogs.

The rule of thumb, Buck said is “stay away from wild animals acting tame and tame animals acting wild.”

Rabies is highly contageous and fatal to animals. Humans who have been bitten by a suspected rabid animal should seek immediate medical attention.

The SC Department of Health and Environmental Control offers informtion about rabies:

If you believe you have see a rabid animal, contact the Lexington County Health Department at (803) 785-8113, the Richland County Health Department at (803) 576-2910 or your local police department.

Rachael Myers Lowe

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