Cockadoodledoo: Have you seen me?

tflach@thestate.comMarch 28, 2013 

The rooster whose partnership with a pair of waterfowl charmed residents at the Heritage at Lowman Home is AWOL.

Officials at the retirement community along the north side of Lake Murray don’t know whether the bird left on his own, was stolen or fell victim to a predator.

The rooster – nicknamed Cocky by residents, after the University of South Carolina’s mascot – has been absent for a week.

“All we know is he’s no longer here,” Melissa Yetter, executive director of the facility in White Rock, said Wednesday.

Some residents wonder whether the rooster sought shelter elsewhere during the recent cold spell. “He might be hiding somewhere due to that,” Margaret Zeigler said.

The rooster appeared two years ago and befriended a white duck that limped, with the pair joined by a mallard last fall.

It patrolled the shoreline around the facility’s acre pond while the waterfowl swam, with the trio roosted together at night.

Their relationship and antics delighted the 360 residents at the home – gaining national attention last month.

The duck particularly seems affected by the missing rooster.

So officials at the home have brought in six chicks to raise in hopes it will accept a replacement.

“Our duck is extra depressed and lonely,” Yetter said. “We’re going to try and get it a new friend.”

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