Chapin Town Hall may become Sheriff Dept. satellite office

tflach@thestate.comApril 3, 2013 

— The Town Hall that Chapin is vacating this fall may become home for Lexington County deputies who patrol the area.

Community leaders are exploring the idea of turning the facility into a substation for deputies based in the north edge of the county.

The proposal would be “a great use” providing his town a stronger law enforcement presence, Mayor Stan Shealy said.

It would be the first step in Sheriff James Metts’ goal of opening a regional headquarters in the community of 1,500 residents.

County leaders are developing a hub for technology firms less than a mile from Town Hall.

The facility is among a handful of sites that are being looked at for the substation, Metts spokesman Erik Murrah said.

A substation gives deputies a place to write reports and meet crime victims and witnesses instead of doing so in vehicles or at sites where county firefighters are based.

A half dozen substations are scattered across the 720-square-mile county.

Chapin plans to move into its new town hall as soon as September, depending on when it is completed. The new building will be 15,600 square feet, five times the size of the current facility at 103 Columbia Ave.

Town leaders will develop a lease plan for use of the site, submitting it to Metts for review.

Their building is equipped with features that may be attractive to deputies since it is headquarters for the town’s six-officer police force as well other staff.

“It would be a good fit for them and for us,” Shealy said.

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