Clemson Spring game stats

April 14, 2013 

Orange 34

White 26


First quarter

ORANGE—Peake 16-yard pass from Kelly (Pinion kick)

ORANGE—Pinion 43-yard field goal

ORANGE—Bryant 34-yard pass from McElveen (Pinion kick)

Second quarter

WHITE—Watkins 41-yard pass from Stoudt (Catanzaro kick)

WHITE—Watkins 50-yard pass from Stoudt (Catanzaro Kick)

ORANGE—Schuessler 35-yard run (Pinion kick)

WHITE—Seckinger 75-yard pass from Stoudt (kick failed)

WHITE—Humphries 51-yard pass from Stoudt (kick failed)

Fourth quarter

ORANGE—Leggett 50-yard pass from McElveen (Pinion kick)

ORANGE—Pinion 41-yard field goal

Att—30,000 (Spring Game Record)


RUSHING: Orange: Howard 8-41, Davidson 13-29, Kelly 4-23, Schuessler 7-21-1, Johnson 7-18; White: Brooks 6-51, McDowell 3-10, Williams 1-4, Stoudt 5-3, Goode 4- (-2), Schuessler 10- (-18)

PASSING: Orange: Schuessler 13-16-125-0-0; McElveen 6-11-101-2-1; Kelly 6-7-43-1-0; White: Stoudt 16-24-304-4-1; Schuessler 8-18-95-0-1

RECEIVING: Orange: Bryant 7-110-1; Leggett 7-97-1; Peake 8-51-1; Cooper 2-4; Davidson 1-1; Smith 1-3; White: Watkins 7-156-2; Seckinger 2-81-1; Humphries 2-77; Hopper 5-13; Maass 3-39; Goode 1-13; McCullough 3-20

TACKLES: Orange: R. Smith 7, Peters 6, Bullard 6, St. Anthony 5, Jarrett 4, Crawford 4, Burrell 4; White: Goodson 13, D. Williams 7, Blanks 6, J. Williams 6, Shuey 6

SACKS: Orange: Jarrett 3-26, Barnes 2-19, Burrell 1-8; White: D. Williams 2-13; V. Beasley 2-11, Ogundeko 1-2

INTERCEPTIONS: Orange: K. Jones 1-44, Robinson 1-8; White: Blanks 1-0

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