Thursday letters: Veterinarians are not money-driven

April 18, 2013 

— I have been a veterinarian in South Carolina for 15 years, and I want to make it clear that veterinarians are not money-grubbers. We did not choose this career to make the big bucks, and our primary concern is not our bottom line. We spent countless hours and dollars, in school and since school, learning how to best care for animals. We love animals, we want what is best for them, and we appreciate the precious nature of the bond between a human being and their pet.

The veterinarians and the rescue organizations and humane societies have worked side by side for years, with little discord.

My clients adopt animals from rescue organizations and have their pets sterilized by humane societies. I understand the importance of these organizations. I believe my clients understand that these organizations receive tax breaks, donations and/or funding from the government enabling them to offer services at a fraction of the price I must charge. Our prices must cover things such as my employees’ salaries, electricity to run the clinic and the cost of medications for pets.

You can choose sides in the debate of veterinarian vs. the rescue organization, but please stop painting the veterinarian as money-driven. We chose a career in which we care for animals. We don’t want to see them suffering and abandoned; we want them protected and cared for in the best way possible.

Vanessa Brooks, DVM


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