Column expresses liberal views

April 21, 2013 

— The big fallacy in Cindi Ross Scoppe’s April 10 column, “Guns in bars, and other silly ideas,” is the assumption that anyone — armed or not — who goes into an establishment that serves alcohol will leave drunk. Therefore, the law should not be changed to allow concealed carry in such establishments; we just can’t have all you irresponsible gun owners frequenting these places.

When we cut through all the sarcasm, we reveal the subtext of her column, which is a basic lefty liberal tenet, to wit: “I don’t like (guns, cigarettes, soda pop, French fires, etc.), therefore they should be severely restricted or banned.” And the default argument against expanding concealed carry always seems to invoke the Wild West/OK Corral analogy. Sarcasm is no substitute for wit.

R.S. Hodnett


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