Wednesday letters: Did US senator’s staff break laws?

April 24, 2013 

In reference to Kathleen Parker’s April 16 column, “Beauty and the beast,” the “kerfuffle” concerning Sen. Mitch McConnell and his staff discussing Ashley Judd’s struggles with mental and emotional problems was less about possibly using information dispensed by Miss Judd herself and more about the juvenile giggling over a serious situation.

That, however, was not the real issue. The question, which Ms. Parker basically ignored, was whether any laws had been broken by McConnell’s legislative staff. If they were using work time instead of leisure time to strategize on his upcoming campaign, that is illegal, not just unethical. It would be worse if they used their staff offices. That is the real issue.

Not all liberal Democrats agree with Miss Judd’s religious views. Most do, however, agree that there should be separation of church and state and that everyone is entitled to their own religious (or lack of) beliefs. And most do not appreciate having someone else’s religious beliefs shoved down their throats as is done by many conservative Republicans.

Barbara Hahn


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