Thursday letters: Obama pays puny tax rate

April 25, 2013 

— Many people will continue to work long past last week’s income tax deadline in order to pay federal and state income taxes. The larger portion, up to 39 percent, goes to Washington.

But not if you’re President Obama. His reported income was just over $600,000. Out of this he gave $150,000 to charity, which is very good. This would leave his taxable income around $450,000. Based on this income, he should be paying 35 percent to 39 percent. According to his 2013 tax return, he is paying 18 percent. How can this be true? We know he couldn’t deduct house payment interest on his house in Washington. Maybe he was able to deduct the cost of his health insurance. No, we pay all that already.

So much for all the loopholes he was supposed to close. His 18 percent “contribution” is the same as those in the $70,000-$146,000 tax bracket. In other words, his secretary probably pays more taxes than he does. Where have we heard that before? The only thing that is comical about this is that all of his supporters believed that he was going to “stick it to the rich.” How gullible they were.

However, it is no laughing matter to all of us who fought against higher taxes and wasteful spending. Don’t get caught up in all of this stuff. He still wants higher taxes. Maybe he can pay 19 percent next time. Only his supporters believe that.

Wayne Hall


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