Wife’s birthday proves lucky for Columbia lottery winner

April 25, 2013 

— There may be 5 million web results on a Google search for “how to pick winning lottery numbers,” but all one Midlands player needed was the numbers he uses every time he buys a lottery ticket: his wife’s birth date. The winning ticket was bought at the Pitt Stop #12 on Knox Abbot Drive in Cayce on April 19, South Carolina Education Lottery officials announced Thursday.

The 70-year-old winner told lottery officials he felt weak when the numbers “6, 8, 12, 22, 43, MB: 28” came up and he realized that he had hit the jackpot. He didn’t win the $103 million Mega Millions jackpot, but five of the six numbers matched, meaning he had won a cool million bucks.

The winner wants to keep his identity secret. He said he told his wife, of course, and his kids, reluctantly. The last to know will be his minister when he hands over a tithing check after he sees the $680,000 – the amount left after taxes - deposited in his bank account.

There won’t be a party, and he doesn’t plan to stop working even though he could retire if he wanted to, he said. Retirement cuts life expectancy, he believes. He will use the money to pay off his house, he said.

He will also keep buying lottery tickets, every day. He said he hasn’t missed a Mega Millions drawing since the game was launched in S.C. in 2010. To date he estimates he’s spent $43,000 on lottery tickets. He’s won a couple of $1,200 payouts, he said, but winning the million made him go weak, he told lottery officials.

The odds of winning $1 million? Nearly 4 million to 1, lottery officials say.

. You also can find random number generators online and /or have the lottery you are playing pick a random number for you.

Rachael Myers Lowe

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