Monday letters: Colbert Busch a better choice

April 29, 2013 

The voters of South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District have a clear choice on May 7. They can vote for Mark Sanford, a flawed candidate with a track record of unethical behavior. Or, they can vote for Elizabeth Colbert Busch, a woman with business experience and personal integrity.

As governor, Mark Sanford was fined $74,000 for ethics violations. He abandoned his post as governor by disappearing for six days to visit his mistress in Argentina.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Mark Sanford also abandoned his family — his wife, Jenny, and their four sons. Recently, he was charged with trespassing for entering his ex-wife’s house without her permission.

If Sanford is elected to Congress, it means that the citizens of South Carolina have low ethical standards, too. When he betrays the public trust again, we will have only ourselves to blame. Surely, Elizabeth Colbert Busch is a better choice for Congress.

Anthony J. DiStefano


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