Monday letters: Dump Sanford — and Gov. Haley

April 29, 2013 

I’m tired of friends in other states saying: “What’s wrong with South Carolina? How can Mark Sanford be running again?” I admit I’m embarrassed about “Mark Trail,” and I hope you are, too. We’re better than this. And while those of us in the Midlands can’t vote, we can urge everyone we know in the 1st District to vote for Elizabeth Colbert Busch, a wonderful conservative candidate who would be a credit to our state, instead of a disgrace.

And we have a chance for a mulligan. We can correct the terrible wrong from three years ago when Nikki Haley was elected governor. We all know the horrible things she’s done, from working against South Carolina for the state of Georgia to ousting Darla Moore from USC’s board of trustees to questions about her ethics to her attempt to close the Arts Commission to refusing Medicaid expansion to … well, the list seems almost endless.

So we can start working right now to elect Vincent Sheheen in 2014. I know Vincent. He’s a prince. And he can bring us back from the reign of Haley the Horrible and make us proud of South Carolina once again.

Francee Levin


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