Monday letters: Most would have visited with son

April 29, 2013 

Former Gov. Mark Sanford sitting with his son to watch a ballgame doesn’t look to me like a mortal sin. Obviously, his son wanted his dad to be with him and enjoy the game. Where was the wife? Had she deserted the son?

This incident does not compare with the severity surrounding Bill Clinton when he spent his time engaging in oral sex with an innocent young woman.

It appears that Sanford’s son would have had to sit at home alone to watch the ball game. Since the son wanted his dad to watch the game with him, they did not have time to go to Walmart and buy a TV and hook it up to a tree in the woods.

How would you have handled this situation if your son wanted you to sit with him during the second half of the Super Bowl? I dare say that 99 percent of parents would have been inclined to handle this situation exactly as Sanford did. I say “hurray” for Sanford.

James Rice


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