Monday letters: No clear choice in congressional race

April 29, 2013 

Candidates for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District former SC Gov. Mark Sanford, left, and Elizabeth Colbert Busch


This year’s 1st Congressional District election will be gut-wrenching for voters. On the one hand, we have a Republican who hopes we will all place our trust in him again after repeated, embarrassing lapses in judgment. On the Democratic side, we have a person who we know little about except that her brother is a left-leaning comedian. She describes herself as a “moderate” whose main goal is to create jobs for the state. In other words, trust me, I am an unproven politician.

The Republican’s political ads that I have heard describe how his opponent is controlled by labor unions. The Democrat’s political ads describe how moderate she will be. How can I believe either one of these candidates?

All I know for sure is that the winner will receive an annual paycheck of $174,000, which, since we are paying, seems a gross overpayment. Many of us will stay home on May 7 because the choices are so unclear. If I do vote, it will be because I am more concerned about the Democratic Party’s policies than the Republican candidate’s apparent lack of character.

Don Sealey


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