Thursday letters: Columbia mustn’t rob reserve fund

May 2, 2013 

— Our federal legislators have for years spent our Social Security tax money as fast as it came in for everything they could instead of investing and keeping it for what it was supposed to be for, paying the benefits to those who are entitled to it. So now they keep talking about cutting Social Security benefits in the future for retirees because the fund is running out of money. Whose fault is that?

Now Columbia’s mayor and City Council see fit to rob from the long-term health-care reserve account for city workers and retirees — a fund they have no business messing with — even though many people are not in favor of it. Buying an old warehouse for what? The owners couldn’t sell it. Few people care what happens to it. So when did the city get in the real estate business?

So when the fund they robbed starts running out of money, guess who loses? It won’t be those who voted for it. And what fund did they rob to pay out the former police chief’s retirement?

William C. Bundrick

West Columbia

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