Sunday letters: Cuba changing for the b

May 5, 2013 

Fred Kerr’s April 19 letter, “Church conflict caused by city,” paints a grim picture of the church in various places, including Cuba. My wife and I spent November of 2012 working on a church in Boca de Camarioca with the Methodist Mission group.

We worked on an addition to the existing building. This was approved by the local government. During the week, we went to a Methodist church in Matanzas to celebrate that church’s 112th anniversary. The streets on all four corners were full of people, and the church set up outdoor screens with video projectors showing the three-hour service. The church was packed.

In San Luis, a small town in the eastern part of Cuba that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, we worked to rebuild a church. During the week, three services were held, all packed to standing room only. We were told that Raul Castro had approved funds to help rebuild the church. In addition, the church received permission to build a new structure if it wanted to. The Catholic church and other denominations are very active throughout the island. While I do not support the communistic government, there is a change for the better in Cuba.

Dore Montes


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