Tuesday letters: Love can help improve schools

May 7, 2013 

Our grandchildren, their grandchildren and those who follow will pay for what we have done to America with our bigoted thinking, selfishness and desire for power. Since the Caucasian race is quickly dwindling, we Caucasians and others should be cultivating a public school curriculum for children of all races that will allow the chance for each child to live here in the United States as a recognized, decent citizen.

If we teachers who do not have these undesirable characteristics, we will give the survivors of our bigoted thinking, selfishness and desire for power the strength to do what they can for the future of this struggling nation.

As a pastor in this little hamlet reminded us just a few weeks ago: “The Bible is a story of love.”

Sad to say, you cannot find this love demonstrated in some churches. We had one church right here in this Podunk dismiss one person in public, displaying the cruelest scene since the days of Hester Prynne, heroine of “The Scarlet Letter.”

Where in America can you find this love for all races of people? Is this capability in your heart? And if it can’t be found, how can we work on fixing our public school problems?

Diane R. Sheppard


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