Thursday letters: Teens getting high on medicine

May 9, 2013 

I’m making a plea to all stores selling cold medicines to pay close attention to a drug that many teens are buying and abusing. Some older people are abusing it too. It’s called “Triple C” — Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold — and it contains dextromethorphan.

People are using cold medicines with dextromethorphan or DM to get high. Some pharmacies have put them behind the counter so the young people can’t buy them, but other stores still have them on the shelves.

I am concerned because a loving family member of mine abused this medicine. I’m scared it might happen again. Triple C messes with people’s minds and their stomachs. I’m told that if you take enough it can eat the inside of your stomach out.

Parents need to be aware of what their teens are buying and taking. It could be dextromethorphan, which can be fatal. Please pull together and help get Triple C off all shelves.

Marie Stewart


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