Friday letters: Sports crowding out God, church

May 10, 2013 

Parents need to reevaluate their priorities for their children. Our children are missing Sunday school and church in order to play ball. Families are doing without vacations because they can’t leave because of ball.

Let’s look at what our children are missing.

In Sunday school, we teach them how to come into a relationship with our lord and savior Jesus Christ. We teach them how to pray, use their Bibles as a map through life and grow in their faith. We teach them the priceless promises of God and how to hide God’s word in their hearts so that they will not sin against God. We also bond as the family of God that will support us through life’s trials.

The time when these children are reachable is short. America is reeling because most of our CEOs do not have biblical character.

When parents allow their children to play ball on Sunday morning, they are making ball their God in place of the true God.

All ball leagues should set aside at least two weeks in the summer when no games are scheduled. Families need time together to vacation, explore, visit grandparents, visit cemeteries to revisit their roots and values, relax and play together. Families also need time to teach life skills to their children.

Our communities are becoming crazier and crazier over ball and as a result are losing their focus on true values. Let’s pray that our parents will search their hearts and souls and put their children back in church on Sunday morning.

Patricia G. Milley


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