Siegel: Mark Sanford and South Carolina’s shamelessness

May 10, 2013 


We can argue about whether a lying, philandering politician is disqualified from high office just because he is a liar and a philanderer. We can talk about Bill Clinton. I think the politician gene comes as part of a package deal with some defective fidelity genes: When you get the gene that gives you the oratorical skill to win the love of your voters, you also get a family infidelity/betrayal gene.

You might even argue that betrayal of your family is not the same as betrayal of your voting district. Fine. I disagree, but I would not question your sanity or your reasoning in voting for such a man.

But if there is one subject the tea party is adamant to the point of threatening “Second Amendment solutions” for, it is wasteful spending of our tax dollars. Handouts to welfare queens for cell phones is a recent rallying point. Say “tax dollars” to tea party members, and they will go into an apoplectic tirade about the Constitution and political misuse of our hard-earned dollars. And you can bet your last dollar that every one of them who could get to the polls voted for Mark Sanford.

Did I mention that Mark Sanford used taxpayer dollars, aka public funds, to fly to Argentina to betray his wife and family and have a torrid affair with his mistress? In his victory speech Sanford said, “I think I have an incredibly strong track record with regard to watching out for people’s pocketbook.” The adjective that comes to mind is “shameless.”

Do you remember Marion Barry? The buffoon mayor of the District of Columbia? The guy who was caught on videotape with crack cocaine and a prostitute and offered as a defense, “The bitch set me up!”

Do you remember thinking after he was re-elected that those ignorant people who voted for him knowing that he was a lying, immoral sociopath and a complete phony (but as far as I know never was alleged to have taken public money for his escapades) should not be allowed to vote?

Do you remember thinking, that’s why we don’t allow “them” to have voting representatives in Congress, because God only knows who they would send there and how they would vote? Well it’s time to remember.

Howard Siegel

Johns Island

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