Sunday letters: Sanford’s return is shameful

May 12, 2013 

By voting in Mark Sanford, with his shameful baggage, Republicans in the 1st Congressional District have shamed not only Charleston but all of South Carolina. It’s apparent that they bow to liars, cheaters, users and takers.

They have a lot of gall to throw off on Democrats, liberals and moderates, as well as decent Republicans such as Jenny Sanford.

Was it not shameful enough that Sanford disgraced South Carolina by abandoning our state to run to his mistress and lying to keep it a secret? The question voters need to ask themselves is what he will do to the 1st District to top the lying, cheating and taking he did to our state, not to mention his using God and the redemption card with such apparent falseness.

It’s Republicans like this who are ruining the Republican Party, which now stands for shame backed up with God. This is real shame.

Chandler S. Vincent


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