Monday letters: Make way for progress

May 13, 2013 

— Exactly what is the “historical significance” of the buildings of the old State Hospital on Bull Street? Controversy over their destruction has been bantered about intermittently since these buildings became available for purchase and development.

They’re old buildings. So what? Why go to the expense of restoring or preserving them? Why tie up valuable property just for the preservation of old buildings? Whatever you do with them, they’re still old buildings. Old buildings are destroyed for modern purposes all the time. What makes these buildings special? What will it matter if these buildings disappear? Are they worth keeping forever? Why?

Times, needs and purposes change. If someone wants to tear them down for development, let ’em. Columbia will benefit more from their destruction than from their preservation.

The same things can be said about preservation of the old Palmetto Compress warehouse in the Vista. That building and the surrounding area have been an eyesore for as long as I have been in the Columbia area. Tear it down and clean up the property. An empty lot will look better, and be safer.

R.L. Sargent

West Columbia

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