Wednesday letters: Keep personal lives out of discussion

May 15, 2013 

Chandler S. Vincent thinks it’s not so good that former Gov. Mark Sanford is back (“Sanford’s return is shameful,” Sunday). He said Republicans “have a lot of gall to throw off on Democrats, liberals and moderates, as well as decent Republicans such as Jenny Sanford.” I would just like to remind Mr. Vincent that Gov. Sanford did not do anything that quite a few higher ranking Democrats have not done; Presidents Kennedy and Clinton come to mind.

The difference I think is that lot of Republicans realize that a successful career does not make anyone perfect; we look at the record of the people running, and if they are in line with what we want to happen in Washington or South Carolina, we vote for them on that record and leave their personal lives out of it. That’s what Democrats said we should do with Clinton: leave a person’s personal life out of it.

Gov. Sanford’s personal life is just that, personal. I hope for his children’s sake that the media will soon get to the point that they can write a story about his professional life and stop re-hashing the old, tired story of his leaving the state.

Linda Waters


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