Take a virtual tour of Fort Jackson, from training to graduation

May 16, 2013 

Fort Jackson is the Army's largest basic combat training base. Each year more than 50,000 people, both men and women, become soldiers. These videos offer a glimpse into soldiers' training and their graduation ceremony.

Here, we offer a series of videos to offer a glimpse into how these young people are molded into soldiers.

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Links to mobile versions of Fort Jackson videos:

Fort Jackson weapons training

New recruits at Fort Jackson must qualify with a rifle during basic training.

Fort Jackson Village exercise

New recruits at Fort Jackson practice military maneuvers during basic training.

Urban assault training

Soldiers from C Co, 3rd Battalion 60th Infantry Regiment took part in a training exercise that involved going into a building and clearing it. The event took place at Fort Jackson's Urban Assault Course.

Gas mask training

New soldiers at Fort Jackson learn to trust their equipment. By entering a gas chamber they test their gas masks.

Fort Jackson Victory Tower

New soldiers at Columbia's Fort Jackson are required to conquer Victory Tower during basic training. The climbing and rappelling exercises on the 40-foot tower is intended to instill confidence in the soldier.


Nearly every week, a group of newly trained soldiers graduate from basic training at Fort Jackson. The celebration marks the completion of long days and strenuous work it takes to mold a soldier.

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