Thursday letters: Tame geese are hazardous

May 16, 2013 

Geese? Friends or foes?

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I dearly love wild geese. A “V” of migrating geese flying overhead brings my work to a halt as I gawk while the geese honk and we actually hear swishes of air through those graceful wings.

Tame geese, however, have been proven hazardous. Having lived across the street for many years from a large pond just a mile or two as the goose flies from the Columbia airport, I learned that geese are not birds for a city and especially not of an airport. Each day I watched the “V,” I felt anxious over the possibility of the geese being sucked into jet engines and cause people to lose lives. This anxiety wasn’t farfetched, because such things happen.

Geese (birds) downing jets, along with the tremendous mess the grass eaters make on lawns and the need to be careful not to slip and break a bone while going to a car, lets one who lives in proximity to tame geese know they don’t belong — especially where children play.

Believe me: Geese aren’t in danger of extinction. Any night during migrations, look at the moon with field glasses, and you will see the “V” silhouettes going to nesting grounds.

Richard Mims


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