Friday letters: Congress can’t be trusted

May 17, 2013 

In her April 30 letter, “Children’s lives come before guns,” Wendy Bass suggested that some people are more concerned about gun rights than the lives of innocent children. Let me suggest that the two concerns are not mutually exclusive.

Rather than arguing that outlawing gun ownership would have prevented incidents such as the assaults on the children and U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords by individual deranged killers, note that each shooter shared certain common characteristics. Each was a heavily medicated young man who seems to have been an antisocial loner and spent a sizable portion of his time playing violent video games.

Gun owners resist even the seemingly logical requirement to register their firearms because many Americans no longer trust federal officials not to undertake whatever outrageous actions they feel necessary to retain their authority before defending their constituents’ individual liberties.

After observing example after example of congressional members’ presumption to be members of a permanent aristocracy, many Americans are hesitant to grant them more control over our liberties. Until someone can make a realistic case that restricting personal gun rights may prevent the horrors cited, I feel safer having unrestricted, unregistered access to my weapons for the protection of home and family.

George Roper


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