SC legislators: Who got garbage bucks and how they voted

May 18, 2013 


The S.C. House voted 89-23 on Jan. 30 to approve a garbage industry-backed bill to limit the authority of counties to run landfills. House members receiving contributions from the country’s two largest garbage companies, Waste Management and Republic Services, and how they voted on the waste bill those companies favor.

House memberContributions, Waste ManagementContributions, RepublicVoted for bill?
Allison, Rita$1,5000Yes
Anthony, Michael $0$1,000Yes
Bales, Jimmy $2,000$1,000Yes
Clemmons, Alan$1,0000Yes
Cole, J. Derham$2,0000Yes
Crawford, Kris$1,0000Yes
Crosby, Bill $5000Yes
Daning, Joseph $2500Yes
Delleney, Greg $5000Yes
Forrester, Mike $2,0000Yes
Funderburk, Laurie $7500Yes
Gambrell, Mike $1,0000Yes
Hardwick, Nelson $1,5000Yes
Harrell, Bobby $1,500$1,000Yes
Henderson, Phyllis$2500Yes
Hiott, David $1,5000Yes
Horne, Jenny $2,2500Yes
Huggins, Chip$5000Yes
Knight, Patsy $5000Yes
Limehouse, Chip $1,0000Yes
Loftis, Dwight $5000Yes
Moss, Dennis$7500Yes
Moss, Steve $1,2500Yes
Murphy, Chris $5000Yes
Pitts, Michael $1,0000Yes
Rutherford, Todd$5000Yes
Sandifer, Bill $2,500$250Yes
Skelton, B.R.$7500Yes
Smith, Garry $1,0000Yes
Smith, James $1,0000Yes
Stringer, Tommy$5000Yes
Toole, Mac $1,0000Yes
White, Brian $1,5000Yes
Wood, Donna$2500Yes
Total for “Yes” votes$34,500$3,250 
Edge, Tracy$500 $0 No
Brown, Grady$0 $1,000 No
Dillard, Chandra$500 $0 No
George, Wayne$250 $0 No
Howard, Leon$1,000 $0 No
Neal, Joe$500 $0 No
Total for “No” Votes$2,750 $1,000


Senators have not voted on a waste industry-backed bill to limit county control of landfills. But 18 of the Senate’s 46 members have received campaign contributions from Waste Management and Republic Services.

SenatorContributions from Waste ManagementContributions from Republic
Bright, Lee$500$1,000
Campbell, Paul$500$0
Campsen, George$500$0
Fair, Mike$3,000$0
Ford, Robert$500$0
Jackson, Darrell$1,500$0
Lourie, Joel$500$0
Martin, Larry$2,500$0
Martin, Shane$500$1,000
Massey, Shane$500$0
McGill, Yancey$1,500$0
Nicholson, Floyd$1,000$0
Peeler, Harvey$1,000$0
Reese, Glenn$1,000$0
Scott, John$1,500$0
Setzler, Nikki$1,000$1,000
Sheheen, Vincent$5,500 (1)$0
Verdin, Danny$500$1,000
Totals for senators$23,500$4,000

(1) Includes contributions to Sheheen’s 2010 campaign for governor. NOTE: Contributions are totals for the years 2009 through 2012 found in S.C. Ethics Commission documents

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