Want to know, do more about ethics reform?

May 19, 2013 


— There won’t be a new ethics law this year unless the Senate finishes debate on the budget and agrees to debate the ethics bill. So the most important thing you can do is to let your senator know that going home without a bill is unacceptable; also, explain what you think the bill should include. The next most important thing to do is contact your House member. Find your legislators at scstatehouse.gov.

You also can join forces with groups that are lobbying for reform. Most prominent are Common Cause of South Carolina, the S.C. League of Women Voters and the S.C. Policy Council.

The bill number is H.3945. The first 43 pages of the document are the proposal by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The next 21 pages are the version that was passed by the House.

Go to thestate.com/scoppe and look for this article for links to the bill, the lobbying groups, the McMaster-Medlock ethics reform report and my column from earlier this year on what an ethics-reform package should contain.

Cindi Ross Scoppe

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