Tuesday letters: Democrats are ranting, raging

May 21, 2013 

Ronald Boyce was completely correct in his May 14 letter, “Sanford critics should keep quiet”. Mr. Sanford did not try to hide behind a pile of lies as a lot of people would have done. Of course the Democrats are ranting and raging, but if the truth was known, many of them are most likely guilty of the same thing and just haven’t been caught yet.

Also, in another letter to the editor published the same day, Dick Harpootlian (a Democrat, of course) was taken to task for saying he hoped voters would send Gov. Nikki Haley to “wherever the hell she came from” in the election next year. I just wish he would take his big mouth and try to run for governor himself. I believe he would find out just how much he is disliked in South Carolina. I would walk 50 miles if necessary just to vote against him.

Thomas Daniels


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