Tuesday letters: Sanford, Clinton very different

May 21, 2013 

The May 15 letter, “Keep personal lives out of discussion,” said that what Gov. Mark Sanford did was equivalent to President Clinton’s actions in the White House. I see two very important differences.

Sanford deliberately left the state, incognito, to visit his lover in South America, thereby leaving the state effectively leaderless for several days; Clinton did no such thing. This is a clear dereliction of duty and is significantly more relevant to his fitness for elective office than the fact that he is an admitted adulterer.

Secondly, Sanford belongs to the Republican Party that continually preaches its peculiar version of morality and “family values” (whatever that means) to the rest of us, and then ignores its own advice; President Clinton never claimed to be holier than thou and, instead, concentrated on effective governance. I would much rather have Bill Clinton in the White House than Mark Sanford in the House of Representatives.

Druie Cavender


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