Monday letters: Guns are not the problem

May 27, 2013 

As a Vietnam veteran, I have seen the horrors of war, but in World War II it was two atomic bombs that killed tens of thousands of Japanese. This had nothing to do with a gun.

Jesus Christ was beaten with a lash, nailed to a wooden cross and stabbed with a spear. No gun involved.

I believe our problems stem from parents who do not store guns properly, children who are raised by gangsters, evil realistic games and movies, preachers and educators who do not teach children the value of life; but most of all, hatred and sudden fits of jealousy and the emotionally disturbed cannot be stopped easily or at all — guns or no guns.

I know weapons have a purpose, but it was four jet planes that were used to kill thousands on 9/11; no guns involved.

Unreal gun regulations — or banning guns altogether — are not the answer. The problem lies in the mind of the individual.

I do believe that all people should have to pass a safety course on guns of several types before they buy a gun.

How many people were killed before guns were invented? Guns are not the problem; being careless, evil and/or insane are.

John H. Bethea


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