Friday letters: Hate the sin, love the sinner

June 7, 2013 

In his May 31 column, “Scouts don’t deserve applause,” Leonard Pitts said “a record 59 percent of all Americans now find gay and lesbian relationships morally acceptable, according to a Gallup poll” and “this change has been driven by young people, a whopping 70 percent of whom, ages 18 to 29, now believe same-sex marriage should be legal.”

I would admit that all of this is true, but no matter how many people approve of or participate in a sinful lifestyle, it does not change the fact this practice is sinful.

He was quick to point out that the Boy Scout leadership’s decision “does not exactly smell of Solomonic wisdom” but failed to share what the Bible states about the sin of homosexuality.

If you believe in Solomonic wisdom, surely you believe the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Bible tells us to “love your neighbor as yourself” and “judge not lest ye be judged,” both of which seem to be difficult to follow in these times of “what works best for me.” We are all God’s children, and he loves us, even when we practice our freedom of choice and commit sin.

When you cry “equality for those practicing homosexual behavior,” would you also tell your children this is the acceptable example of behavior and lifestyle they should follow?

It is the behavior that is unacceptable, not the person. God loves his creation. My neighbor may be a thief, a murderer or a congressman, and God tells me to love my neighbor, but not his behavior.

David Busby

West Columbia

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