Monday letters: Make saving the unborn a priority

June 10, 2013 

I was chilled by the by Dr. Robert A. Clifford’s May 29, “Babies deserve more than one day of life,” that said that each year close to 30,000 babies in Ethiopia and 1 million worldwide die the day they are born.

He is rightfully concerned that the United States has the worst first-day death rate among developed nations, at 11,300 deaths per year, many of which could be prevented for as little as $1 each. I totally agree that we should save those lives if possible; I can’t think of a better way to spend a dollar.

But Dr. Clifford’s concern overlooked 10 times the number of babies killed even before they took their first breath. David McClaine reported on Jan. 9 on that Planned Parenthood aborted 333,964 babies in 2012 and almost 1 million in the past three years.

Just think about how many babies’ lives could be saved if we took our tax dollars given to Planned Parenthood and used them to save all those babies in Ethiopia and to help save those babies being aborted because “I can’t afford a kid” or “It’s just not convenient right now.”

I admire Dr. Clifford’s zeal for saving babies’ lives in Ethiopia. Here in America we can get so much more bang for the buck if we first save the unborn.

Who knows? Maybe one of those babies who actually gets born and lives through the most dangerous 24 hours could discover the treatment to save babies from dying in their first 24 hours of life.

Charles Green


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