Tuesday letters: Boy Scouts made right decision

June 11, 2013 

As an Eagle Scout for many years, I was pleased to see the Boy Scouts of America agree to allow homosexuals into scouting. There were closet homosexuals in scouting many decades ago, and some of them were outstanding leaders and Eagles.

It was disappointing to me that a young man had completed all the requirements to be an Eagle and was not allowed the earned honor because he was homosexual. Now some churches say they might cast out Boy Scout troops they sponsor because some scouts may be homosexual, ignoring scientific evidence that homosexuality is no more a choice than eye or skin color.

I participated in a poll conducted by the Boy Scouts to determine opinions and attitudes of former scouts about this issue, and I would think the organization considered the results of that poll in deciding to allow young men who are homosexual and can take the scout oath and pledge to obey the scout laws to become Boy Scouts. Why would any organization not want to embrace and sponsor young men who can take that oath and obey those laws?

I hope there is love and inclusiveness in churches that will prevent them from failing to sponsor a group like the Boy Scouts simply because it allows homosexuals to be members.

Robert N. Milling, M.D.


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